Fostering research and innovation in materials manufacturing for Industry 5.0: The key role of domain intertwining between materials characterization, modelling and data science
CHAMEO: an Ontology for the Harmonisation of Materials Characterisation Methodologies
MODA and CHADA; challenges and opportunities for integration and exploitation to industrial stakeholders beyond EU projects.

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The EMCC Roadmap for Materials Characterisation was drawn up by contributors from the Organisational Management Board (OMB); this board includes leaders from the different EMCC Working Groups and high-level experts from the European characterisation community. This Roadmap emphasises the urgency of pushing forward materials characterisation to boost the competitiveness and growth of European industry. It builds on a three-year long consultation process involving different stakeholders participating within the EMCC. The Roadmap identifies gaps in the progress towards advancing materials characterisation and proposes actions to eliminate them. The stakeholders involved in the redactions of this Roadmap represent the whole spectrum of the Materials Characterisation Community in Europe, including:
  • Industrial end-users;
  • Equipment manufacturers (large companies and SMEs);
  • Research institutions and technology organisations (RTO);
  • Higher Education Institutes (HEIs).

This Roadmap is arranged in six main sections:

  • Introduction and Background,
  • Vision for Materials Characterisation in the context of industrial and societal challenges in Europe,
  • Current Status,
  • High Level Goals and Challenges,
  • Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan,
  • A summary of the structure and work of the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC)

EMCC Roadmap

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