Council Structure

Overview of the Council

The council activities promote further networking on a European scale, enabling researchers in the various organizations and countries to get to know and work with each other, thus contributing to the European Research Area. The council activities help to increase the visibility of individual projects as well as the importance of the research field as a whole. It differentiates itself from other clusters through directly aiming at the support of commercialization and regulation through the provision of characterisation tools.

Leadership and management

The EMCC is managed by an Organisational Management Board (OMB). This board includes leaders from the different Working Groups and high level experts from the European characterisation community.

Organisational Management Board

Marco Sebastiani (UNIROMA3, Italy)
Costas Charitidis (NTUA/ RNanolab, Greece)
Elias Koumoulos (IRES, Belgium)
Gerhard Goldbeck (GCL, UK)
Spyros Diplas (SINTEF, Norway)
Bojan Boskovic (CNT, UK)
Ennio Capria (ESRF, France)