1 Week from EuroNanoForum 2023

European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) is ready for the 2023 EuroNanoForum!

Our session is Advanced materials characterisation: Digitalisation and Materials Innovation Markets on the spot – Featuring Alfa Laval!
Date and Time: June 13th, 2023, between 10.45 and 12.45 CEST
Location: Lund, Sweden
In the session organised by EMCC we will:

  • Showcase the strategic role of characterisation and digitalisation in the broader framework of AMI2030 in driving innovation and promoting the best use of materials in industry and society.
  • Present EMCC approach to address fragmentation and coordinate the integration of communities and capabilities in materials/characterisation & modelling / digitalization / manufacturing, which are highly important for reaching and concluding on the priority actions in the field of characterisation, with impactful outcomes across multiple domains and Strategic Innovation Markets of AMI2030.
  • Discuss the underpinning actions required that will be included in the new EMCC Roadmap to support characterisation needs/challenges in industry in connection to technological advances, digitised characterisation, characterisation and modelling/AI interplay, as well as Policy related.
  • Introduce in more detail the collaboration framework between EMCC and EMMC, working together to address modelling and characterisation and materials digitalisation challenges.

Participate in our session and have a word in the New EMCC Materials Characterisation Roadmap panel debate and visit us in the poster exhibition!

Register here! For online participation register here!

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