Save the date! June 13, 2023: EMCC Session in EuroNanoForum – Advanced materials characterisation: Digitalisation and Materials Innovation Markets on the spot


Digitalisation opens opportunities for European SMEs in niche high-tech markets and for strengthening the competitiveness of large global players in Europe. The Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative (AMI2030) has identified the key role of advanced materials in the green and digital transition and highlighted the need to combine materials and digital competences in materials industries as key challenge of the European materials industry.  

As a complement and support to this initiative, the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) aims at addressing these challenges by bringing together key players in European industry and policymakers. The proposed EMCC session, endorsed by the European Commission, will showcase the strategic role of characterisation in the broader framework of AMI2030 in driving innovation and promoting the best use of materials in industry and society, with a particular attention to digitalisation.  

The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC), which is leading Digitalisation WG1 in AMI2030, also plans support this event, highlighting the intertwining of materials characterisation and modelling and the key role of model-based design in driving digital innovation. The EMCC session will include plenary talks, as well as provide a platform for roundtable discussions and roadmapping, enabling participants to map out the challenges and opportunities facing in industry. Digitalisation (in the sense of the coherent, integrated digital and model-based representation of materials, processes and products) is a key enabler for advanced materials development in the twin transition. Digital monitoring is expected to increase Industrial Resilience to external pressure in the supply chain and new regulations that arise form Governance Bodies, due to the optimized use of resources and data-driven and rapid adaptivity of manufacturing to the new challenges in a new digital and sustainability framework. 

 EuroNanoForum 2023 Session – Organised by European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) 

Day 3 of EuroNanoForum – Tuesday 13th June 2023 

EMCC session in the main ENF2023 programme: 10.30 – 12.30 

Session Structure

Part 1: Plenary and keynotes by industry & industrial initiatives (interactive session with audience): 

  • Links to ongoing Roadmaps and Materials 2030 Roadmap, EMMC and AMI2030 WG1 on Digitalisation 

Part 2: EMCC Roadmap 

  • Roundtable and Open Discussion on initiation of EMCC Roadmapping activities

Organisation committee – EMCC Board members 

  • Costas Charitidis (NTUA, Greece) 
  • Elias Koumoulos (IRES, Belgium) 
  • Bojan Boskovic (CΝΤ, UK) 
  • Spyros Diplas (SINTEF, Norway) 
  • Gerhard Goldbeck  (EMMC Executive Secretary, Belgium) 
  • Ennio Capria (ESRF, France) 
  • Marco Sebastiani (University “Roma Tre”, Italy)
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