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FormPlanet project final conference

9:15AM – 17.30PM CET | ONLINE

The #FormPlanet_EU project organises its final conference, focusing on innovative #metals characterisation, non-destructive in-process measurements and #modelling approaches developed or optimised during the project

During the FormPlanet project final conference, project researchers will present the most representative innovative metals characterisation, non-destructive in-process measurements and modelling approaches developed or optimised during the project applicable in the metal forming sector, which present alternatives for an industry thriving to increase products quality and become more competitive

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“Materials up-scaling: Bringing Materials characterisation and materials simulation together” FormPlanet & i-TRIBOMAT webinar showcases

Organisers: EMMC

Webinar / Online

i-TRIBOMAT and FormPlanet project would like to invite you to attend the webinar

“Materials up-scaling: Bringing Materials characterisation and materials simulation together”.
September 28, 2021 / 10:00-11:30 CEST – ONLINE

In this webinar you will be able to learn about innovative characterisation and simulation methodologies developed by i-TRIBOMAT and FormPlanet, which will be launched into the market as services of novel European Open Innovation Test Beds. The results from two real-scenario applications will be presented to practically showcase the services’ potential.

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Webinar: Bringing Materials characterisation and materials simulation together / Sept 28 / 10:00 CEST

CHARISMA Press Release

EU invests 5 Mio EUR to enhance Raman spectroscopy and generate a FAIR data repository for future academic and industrial research.

The newly EU-funded project CHARISMA aims to harmonise and standardise Raman spectroscopy, an extremely versatile non-destructive method for materials characterization widely applied in research and industry. 

i-TRIBOMAT project opens an Expression of Interest for Translators Network recruitment

Expression of Interest has been launched to select i-TRIBOMAT Translators. Translators will act as i-TRIBOMAT ambassadors, explaining to potential customers i-TRIBOMAT unique selling point and different services offered by the Test Bed to the companies with the ultimate goal to identify potential customers. To maximise the impact, two profiles have been identified that may be suitable to deploy the Translators’ role:

  • Tribology experts who “translate” the meaning of the services test results for their product or material.
  • Business/technological consultants who communicate the benefits of a European-wide operating OITB

The submission period will close on the 31st of May 2021.


For further information, visit the i-TRIBOMAT Translators Webpage

CEN/WS ‘OYSTER on Materials characterisation – Terminology, classification and metadata’

The Workshop and the related CWA will provide standardised terminology that will improve future exchanges among experts in the entire area of materials characterisation, facilitate the exchange with industrial end-users and experimentalists and reduce the barrier to utilising advanced materials characterisation. The common language is expected to foster dialogue and mutual understanding between industrial end-users, equipment manufacturers, and academic researchers. Standardisation of terminology and classification has been identified as critical to collaboration in and dissemination of European research projects.

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EuroNanoForum 2021 Satellite Event, 4th May 2021

A satellite event was co-organised on 4th May by the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC ASBL) and the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) in the framework of EuroNanoForum event. The focused topics of the event included the presentation of the main challenges in modelling and characterization of materials to achieve beyond state-of-the-art advances in three specific sectors:
• Interoperability between materials characterisation and modelling.
• Supporting complex, integrated characterisation and modelling workflows.
• Data traceability for materials throughout multiple lifecycles
In this workshop, some current operations regarding interoperability and integration have been presented. In particular, EMMO, MODA and CHADA were discussed to highlight their usability and utility as a basis for moderated discussions related to the above Topics, which held a lot of promise towards tackling Industrial challenges of European Industries.
The modern needs of European industrial manufacturing include the developments of novel, and integrated, characterisation methodologies and computational modelling, especially for establishing in a reproducible and efficient way the process-microstructure-property correlations in advanced materials. This is identified as a key step to enable the design of new and sustainable materials and processes, and support rapid upscaling. Another objective of the European industries is the transition to a decarbonised economy, and there is an emerging need for increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of materials and product development procedures by reducing costs and time for product design and time-to-market. Such developments must be based on knowledge transfer, which could be facilitated by data documentation standards and the exploitation of open repositories for exchange of trusted, efficient and reliable data for European industrial manufacturing.
To address this challenge EMMC and EMCC, as well as, related projects have been engaged in actions to define a classification and formal documentation of materials modelling and characterisation, the MODA and CHADA, respectively. Furthermore, EMMC has been leading the development of an ontology (EMMO) that serves the applied sciences and in particular materials science including modelling and characterisation.

Full agenda here

19th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis (ECASIA) 2021/22

The forthcoming ECASIA conference will be held virtually on 18th June 2021 and live from 29th May – 2nd June 2022 in Limerick, Ireland

A one day virtual conference will be held on Friday, 18th June 2021 as a forerunner to the physical conference in 2022. The first half of this one-day event will focus on Surface Analyses for Advanced Manufacturing and related topics. The second half of the day will be dedicated to Surface and Interface Analyses in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.